Monday, November 7, 2011

Creating a Management Company for Your Dental Practice Requires Careful Documentation of Fees

Documentation is the key: For anyone looking to create a management company for their dental practice administrative tasks – Please read:

Income Tax—Intercompany Management Fees: The taxpayer owned a trucking business that was organized into five wholly owned corporations, including a single member LLC whose sole business was leasing trucks to the affiliated entities. The LLC paid management fees of $9,000 per month to the other entities for consulting, accounting, sales management, and safety and driver relations. The Tax Court ruled in favor of the IRS in denying approximately half of the management fees because the taxpayer did not show how the fees were determined and whether they were at arm's length. The court was also not convinced that the fees incurred on behalf of LLC were ordinary and necessary under IRC Sec. 162. Daniel Fuhrman, TC Memo 2011-236 (Tax Ct.).

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