Friday, July 20, 2012

Dentist Developing Business Plan has Questions about Average Charges

I used 183 for an average charge for new visit and 130 for an average charge for recall on my business plan.  The 183 was referenced to an ADA report somewhere I found on the internet....the 130 was my adding up the UCR of my area for recall typical procedures....

But I have a problem trusting my own number.  Do you have suggestion of resources I can look these numbers up?  I looked in this website but unable to find information.  I Googled too but couldn't find it.

Thank you.

From my experience, the $130 for recall looks fine. What makes it jump to $183 for a NP? X-Rays?

Then the question is: Will all or most NPs total out at $183? Or is the average lower?

The other appointments you have to peg an average production fee for are the dentistry appointments. That is, when you find work that needs to be done and they come back, what's the average prod for that visit?

What we do is try to keep it simple by only having two lines of patients: hygiene and doctor appointments. For the most part the average hygiene production per patient will remain fairly consistent while the doctor average prod per patient will steadily increase.

Good luck.

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