Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dentist Saving a Few Dollars on Payroll Processing Now Paying the Price for the Cheapest Option

I saw the following quote today and it reminded me of what a client told me last night regarding this payroll company (that they're now suing.)

"on top of that when you are buying a practice and looking at student loan payments you look at what will be the cheapest route"

My client reminded me last night that he should have went with ADP or Paychex as we suggested; however, they went with the "cheaper" payroll service to save about $30/month. 

Now they may owe the various government agencies over $100k. 

Not to mention engaging and paying an attorney now to try and get some money from the crooked owners. 

What a mess and a shame.

Look for an upcoming article on how you can see if your payroll company can pass your 'stress test'.

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Kelly Boros said...

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