Monday, November 14, 2016

Get Your Education On!

Get Your Education On!

Have you ever wondered what you need to know about the financial operations of your practice? Have you ever wondered what you should be looking at and monitoring when it comes to your practice numbers?  Well, you can stop wondering! Next month, our very own Lance Jacob will be teaching dentists on Dentaltown about these very issues, and you can learn as well.

Lance prepared a video course for Dentaltown that qualifies for CE, and the topic is “Improving Patient Care by Improving Practice Performance”. Let me tell you a little about it and some of the things you’ll learn.

Viewers of the course will gain some insight on what they need to be looking at when it comes to the operational performance of their practice and how their practice financials can aid in that insight. You’ll learn some of the key performance indicators you should be calculating and how to interpret the results. You’ll learn about what our latest performance statistics showed so you can compare your practice with those results.

Lance will discuss production, production adjustments, collections, production by provider, etc. This will include various revenue ratios you should be looking at and what the typical GP practice looks like as it relates to these ratios.

Lance will also talk about practice overhead for a GP practice and things you need to know about overhead specifics and what our survey results showed about the average overhead statistics for a GP practice.

If you’d like to get your education on, schedule an hour to view the course then login to Dentaltown today and begin learning. Lance's CE course will be available the first week of December. 

If you’re not a member of Dentaltown you should be, their motto is “You’ll never have to practice alone again!” Sign up and become a member so you can view this course and many other’s a one-stop shop for much of your CE needs. The forums board is incredible with forums on just about every practice topic you can think of so you can get feedback from dentists just like you as well as other dental related consultants and experts.
For more information on accessing this CE course or to set up an appointment for a consultation on improving your practice's performance, please give us a call at 844-DENT-CPA, or visit 

About Lance Jacob
Lance Jacob is a Principal with Naden/Lean, LLC. He provides accounting, tax, and consulting services for individuals and businesses which include dentists, other healthcare providers, retail, and equine. With his equine clients, Lance works to ensure they are in compliance with the federal, state, and local taxing authorities with respect to employment, business tax and reporting issues.

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