Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scratch Dental Practice Quickbooks Question

My accountant send me a template in the CHART OF ACCOUNTS by a portable file in QB. It is for my new scratch office.Can any one show me where to add the entries? I have a lot of receipts from last year before I opened my office. Like equipment, supplies, build-out, etc…When I double clicked on chart of accounts I didn’t see any area to enter the info.Can anyone help me? I have set up new company, password etc. My accountant added some categories for dental in the chart of accounts. I don’t know where to start. Help!

It seems to me that you're starting in the wrong place (from the sound of it).

There are two ways to accomplish what I think you want to do:

1. cut yourself a check as a reimbursement and split the check into the various categories (accounts) you need to, or

2. prepare a journal entry debiting the categories (accounts) you need to for the expenses and crediting either a capital account or a liability account.

If what I just wrote is as foreign to you as occlusals & bicuspids are to me, shoot me an email.

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